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Business In Theory assists entrepreneurs to explore ideas and maximize on opportunities. Our workshops and seminars are geared to empower the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

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Business In Theory assists entrepreneurs to create structures for a sustainable business. A review of the business model and the processes that support the model exposes opportunities.

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Sharing knowledge on how to scale business operations and create jobs. The blog posts include how to guides and tips to improve business operations.

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Services offered by Business In Theory include:

For start-ups:

Services offered to start-up entrepreneurs define the business model and what you need to deliver your products and services. This affects processes, systems, and recruitment.


Often start-up entrepreneurs need teams but lack the resources to employ specialized skills. The key if for the available team to work cohesively to deliver.

Attend a workshop or seminar.

For existing businesses 

A review of the operating model (i.e. current processes) and advice on how to improve the business, as well as scale the business.

You’ve been operating for two years or so and the ad-hoc processes are no longer effective – you need structures in place to grow the business. To reach the next goal, you need to take stock of the current way the business operates and take advantage of the growth opportunities. Often the growth opportunities include creating jobs or investors.

How it works

It starts with a review of the business model – this provides clarity on the business and how it works.

We create a strategy to improve the business so the processes support the model. We explore ideas and implement solutions to maximize on the opportunities.

The cost of the project depends on the solutions. A review of the business model cost R3500 for teams of less than 5.


“Preparing small businesses for BIG business”

Earn B-BBEE points, for Enterprise Development, by supporting Business In Theory – 100%, owned and managed by a Black African female.



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For any queries or service requests send an email to I’m based in Bryanston, Johannesburg. I go to where my customers need me.  

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