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For start-ups:

Services offered to start-up entrepreneurs define the business model and what you need to deliver your products and services. This affects processes, systems, and recruitment.


Often start-up entrepreneurs need teams but lack the resources to employ specialized skills. The key if for the available team to work cohesively to deliver.

Attend a workshop or seminar.

For existing businesses 

A review of the operating model (i.e. current processes) and advice on how to improve the business, as well as scale the business.

You’ve been operating for two years or so and you need structures in place to grow the business. To reach the next goal, you need to take stock of the current way the business operates and take advantage of the growth opportunities. Often the growth opportunities include creating jobs or investors.


TIP: Read Start with the end in mind.

services offered

Other services:

Earn B-BBEE points, for Enterprise Development, by supporting Business In Theory – 100%, owned and managed by a Black African female.




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Business In Theory Events

These are workshops, seminars and networking sessions where entrepreneurs discuss various methods to develop sustainable business operations. It’s an opportunity to gain insight from those with experience, inspiration from the success of others and an opportunity to network.

Click here for more info about the public speaking & workshops, otherwise book me for your event and I’ll include vouchers for your “goodie bag”


Contributions towards a Business In Theory event earns you BBBEE points towards the scorecard for supporting a 100% black-woman owned business.


#GrowthHack – An end to choas

Date: 17/09/2016

Time: 09:00 to 12:30

Location: Kitchen Bar, Deisgn Quarter

Got an idea for a business and don’t know where to start?

Have you started your business and are now feeling a bit chaotic?

Are you stuck working IN your business as an EMPLOYEE instead of on the business as a LEADER?

Finally a workshop that can help you.

Join us for breakfast and a workshop on how to END THE CHOAS. Learn how to START & GROW a business.

Get a double ticket and SAVE R100. Seats are limited. BUY TICKETS NOW



Date: 23/11/2016

Time: 07:30

Location: VodaWorld, Midrand

The SME ScaleUp event is an informative session for entrepreneurs and business owners on how to develop growth strategies and expose opportunities to create jobs in the SME sector – particularly in the era of digital industrialization.

It is rough out there. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up – as if we are meant to know it all.

Summary of the agenda:

  • How to start and manage a successful business –  navigating compliance;
  • How to improve and grow your business;
  • How to create jobs in the era of industrialization

We will also have a panel discussion on funding and job creation for SME’s.

The agenda

Read more information about the event.


Business In Theory values collaborations, simply because “No man is an island” and the same can be said about business. These projects allow me to share knowledge through various channels.

Contributions towards a Business In Theory project earns you BBBEE points towards the scorecard for supporting a 100% black-woman owned business.

Current projects include:

Wealth Ladder TV

Wealth Ladder TV is a channel for aspiring and established entrepreneurs with a burning desire to succeed. Through the channel, Wealth Ladder Magazine will equip and motivate entrepreneurs to be the strategic leaders of their businesses, breaking free from the daily grind of their business operations.

My involvement: I’m one of the presenters. Read more…

BizLink Academy

BizLink Academy – The Launch Pad is a two-day intensive programme on how to get a thorough understanding of what it takes to start and grow a new business.

My involvement: I’m one of the partners. Read more…


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